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CDU-CDUH Research Office


Mission and Vision

CDU-CDH Research Office is committed to continuously develop and enrich the research culture of the institution, the research outputs of which are responsive to the global health needs and are relevant in the delivery of improved local health needs.


CDU-CDUH Research Office envisions a progressive research culture within the institution which is responsive to the global as well as local health nees.


  1. To continuously upgrade the facilities of the research unit and equipments of the research laboratory.
  2. To instill a positive attitude towards research among faculty, resident physicians and students.
  3. To provide assistance to researchers in the form of ethical review, technical guidance, statistical analysis and funding.
  4. To develop critical investigative attitudes and skills in the medical students in preparation for clinical and applied research.
  5. To imbue in the minds of the researchers the sense of compassion and commitment to serve the Filipino people especially the underprivileged populace.

Research Office Staff

Maria Fe F. Abejar, MA, MAT, RPsvc
Head, Research Office

Richard N. Capuyan, MStat
Statistician, Research Office

Ryan Max T. Dueñas, MAMed (Cand.)
Statistician, Research Office

Luciel B. Migabon Secretary, Research Office



17th CDU Annual Research Poster Exhibit and Contest
17th CDU Annual Research Paper Contest
2014 Activities


Student Research - Process and Guidelines

Research Services

The Research Office provides services for both the students and faculty in the conduct of their study. The services are as follows:

  1. Sample size determination
  2. Research tool evaluation
  3. Advice on statistical treatment (for proposal hearing)
  4. Data analysis
  5. Anti-plagiarism evaluation

Research Council Members

Enrico B. Gruet, M.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Maria Fe F. Abejar, MA, MAT, RPsyc
Head, Research Office

Richard N. Capuyan, MStat
Statistician, Research Office

Ryan Max T. Dueñas, MAMed (Cand.)
Statistician, Research Office


Graduate School

Efren S. Valiente, Ph.D.


College of Medicine

Teresita E. Chiu, M.D.
Chairperson, MEU


Helen V. Madamba, M.D.
Research Coordinator, Level 1

Debbie O. Abdul, M.D.
Research Coordinator, Level 2


College of Rehabilitative Sciences

Charles Jureidini, OTRP
Research Coordinator, Occupational Therapy Department

Karla Mae Tumulak, OTRP
Research Coordinator, Occupational Therapy Department

Pierre Ruby Sasan, OTRP
Research Coordinator, Occupational Therapy Department

Lidiore John A. Miranda, PTRTP
Research Coordinator, Physical Therapy Department

Aurora Ramos, PTRp
Research Coordinator, Respiratory Therapy Department


College of Arts and Sciences

Corazon V. Canapi, MAST
Research Coordinator, Biology Department

Emmanuel A. Pardiñan, DDT
Research Coordinator, Biology Department

Mary Grace G. Villaflor, MS
Research Coordinator, Biology Department

Maria Lovic C. Edrial
Research Coordinator, Computer Science Department

Maria Elen C. Marcojos
Research Coordinator, Psychology Department



College of Allied Medical Sciences

Emmalyn B. Cutamora, DODT
Research Coordinator, Medical Technology

Larry A. Enriquez, RRT, RSO, QAO
Research Coordinator, Radiologic Technology


College of Dentistry

Jocera Managbanag, D.M.D.
Research Coordinator


College of Nursing

Alex Magalona, DODT
Research Coordinator


College of Optometry

Ritchie A. Suba-an, OD
Research Coordinator


College of Pharmacy

Dell C. Canangca-an, MA
Research Coordinator


Library and Guidance Services

Emeline C. Baco, MA
Librarian, CDU Main Library

Mylene Licatan
Guidance Counselor

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