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CDU-CDUH Research Council



CDU-CDH Research Council is committed to continuously develop and enrich the research culture of the institution, the research outputs of which are responsive to the global health needs and are relevant in the delivery of improved local health needs.


CDU-CDUH Research Council envisions a progressive research culture within the institution which is responsive to the global as well as local health nees.


  1. To continuously upgrade the facilities of the research unit and equipments of the research laboratory.
  2. To instill a positive attitude towards research among faculty, resident physicians and students.
  3. To provide assistance to researchers in the form of ethical review, technical guidance, statistical analysis and funding.
  4. To develop critical investigative attitudes and skills in the medical students in preparation for clinical and applied research.
  5. To imbue in the minds of the researchers the sense of compassion and commitment to serve the Filipino people especially the underprivileged populace.

Research Council Officers

Dr. Enrico B. Gruet
VP for Academics

Dr. Leticia G. Cabrera
Director, Research Council

Mr. Jesse Batara
Statistician, Research Council

Research Council Members

Mrs. Araceli Espinosa
CDU Guidance Councilor

Dr. Marilou Alvar
Dean, Graduate School

Dr. Jocera Balingit
Research Coordinator, CD

Dr. Teresita Chiu
Chairperson, MEU

Dr. Debbie Abdul
Research Coordinator, MEU

Ms. Mary Grace Bautista
Research Coordinator, RS

Dr. Lamberto M. Garcia Jr.
Editor, Journal of Scientific Investigation

Dr. Ritchie A. Suba-an
Research Coordinator, CO

Dr. Emmalyn Cutamora
Research Coordinator, Med. Tech.

Mr. Reynaldo Apolonio S. Tisado
Research Coordinator, RT

Ms. Maria Rodita Pala-ubsanon
Librarian, CM Library

Mrs. Emeline Baco
Librarian, CDU Main Library

Mrs. Alma Mapa
Dean, CAS

Mrs. Maria Fe Abejar
Research Coordinator, CAS

Mr. Alex Magalona
Research Coordinator, CN


Research Evaluation and Approval

  1. The researcher will have to secure a Request for Assistance form at CDU-CDUH Office of Research located at 4th Flr CDU Mandaue Campus. This form will be signed by the adviser, and specify the type of assistance the researcher would want with regards to his/her research study.
  2. The research coordinator per college or department in coordination with the researcher will do the assignment of research adviser. The compensation for research adviser is stipulated in the research adviser contract.
  3. The office of research will be given a copy of approved research proposal.
  4. The implementation of research study will be done after a research panel evaluation.
  5. The study will be subjected to ethical review especially involving human as research participants.
  6. The researcher will furnish hard bond copy or his/her research to the library, department, and office of research for clearance purposes.
  7. at the end of the study, the researcher will also provide a research poster and abstract for publication of the study.

Institutional Ethics Review Committee

  1. The researcher will set an appointment with the Head of the Ethics Review Committee.
  2. The research study will be intensively reviewed by experts prior to the implementation of the project.
  3. See guidelines at CDU-CDUH Research Office.

Statistical Consultation

  1. The researcher will have to secure a Request for Assistance form at the office of research, fill up the form, and have it signed by the research adviser.
  2. The researcher will organize the data in excel format, and attach the research paper proposal. The data must be put in CD for purposes of statistical treatment. These documents will be submitted to the research office.
  3. Upon approval of the statistician, the result of statistical treatment will be discussed with the researcher for analysis.

Journal of Scientific Investigation

  1. The Journal of Scientific Investigation is the official research publication of CDU-CDUH Research Council.
  2. Starting Academic Year 2008-2009, the council will publish the journal per semester.
  3. The students in research classes are exptected to have a copy of the journal as part of their references for conceptualizing research study.

Contact Persons

Dr. Leticia G. Cabrera
Director, CDU-CDUH Research Council
Head, BIOETHICS Review Committee

Jesse L. Batara
Statistician, CDU-CDUH Research Council

Joy Rosalin
Secretary, Office of Research

Research Coordinators
They can be contacted through their designated departments and colleges.