Are We, Humans, Really Civilize?

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I was driving to work one early morning in Munster, Indiana, and when I noticed a flock of Canada geese flying against a beautiful backdrop of a golden orange rising sun that was eagerly peering over the clear horizon. The picturesque scene was even more poignant as I observed that the geese were flying in a perfect reversed V-formation. One seemed to be the leader of the pack, at the very apex, and the rest, in an orderly fashion followed in a reversed V-formation. At one point, another goose flew ahead and assumed the "leadership" at the apex of the V. When the "leader" gets tired, another flew to the apex, the former "leader" goes behind the flank. They seemed to each take turn. Everything was smooth and easy flying, and quite orderly.

The reason came back to me as I recalled a book I once read. Birds, in general, have the instinct to know that the wind they fly against offers most aerodynamic resistance if they fly alone or on a straight frontal line. Flying in a reversed V-formation, with the apex cutting through the headwind, makes it a lot easier for the others behind to fly. The "leader" at the apex gets the most wind resistance, and less and lesser for those behind, who are covered by the birds in front of them. And all of this appears to take place in an organized fashion, with no hesitation, no delays, no bickering, no pushing, no wrangling, as if each bird knew precisely its individual role and was graciously compliant.

How I wish we, humans, self-proclaimed the most civilize and most intelligent of all creatures on the planet earth, would be as "civilize, compassionate, considerate, and orderly"` as these birds. Imagine how wonderful it would be if we, brothers and sisters of the world, would stop fighting, hurting, destroying and killing each other, and instead, understand, accept, help and protect each other like these flying creatures of God. What a wonderful world it would be!

Obviously, the transformation will not be easy, as the history of man has so far shown us. But human beings better start soon, even a little bit each year or each century, before we blow each other up, together with Mother Earth, into shameful particles, bits and pieces, of historical ashes in the galaxy. The only legacy our specie will leave behind then is our stupidity.

©2003Raoul R. Diez, M.A.O.D.