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Is Chelation effective for cancer?

No, chelation therapy, which is the intravenous injection of drugs called chelating agents, is not effective for any form of cancer or for dissolving hardening of the arteries to prevent heart attack, as it is being claimed by some unscrupulous "healthcare practitioners." Chelation is only effective for the treatment of some metal poisoning, but not for cancer or anything else. The Chelation scam has been very lucrative for these unconscionable "doctors," not only here but abroad, victimizing the unsuspecting and ignorant public, bilking them of their hard earned money.

Does smoking cause breast cancer?

Yes, most definitely. Smoking causes not only cancer of the lungs and breasts, but cancer of many other organs in the body, from the throat, windpipe, foodpipe, chest wall, to the cervix, urinary bladder, prostate, etc. The carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) in tobacco do not respect any of these vital organs of the human body. More deaths and devastated families have resulted from smoking cigarettes than from the use of illegal drugs. It is indeed a sad commentary that our society and our laws sanction (and even protect) the tobacco industry while its cancer-causing products continue to maim and kill our citizens. Doesn't this make us, our government and our legislators "sacred" drug pushers and murderers?

Can kissing cause AIDS?

No kissing, even lips to lips, does not transmit HIV infection, unless the mucosa (lining) of the mouth of the healthy partner has a wound or a break, and the infected partner has bleeding in the mouth, allowing infected blood to enter the mucosal wound of the healthy person. Hand holding or hugging do not transmit the HIV. Only sexual intercourse, using contaminated needle (as in drug addicts) and blood transfusion can transmit HIV infection.

How much sleep do we need?

Adults need at least 8 hours of sleep each day to really obtain the maximum benefit of rest. It is a myth to think that sleep is not important, especially among the elderly ones, those 50 and older. Sleep is most essential for everyone, because the body and all its organs need regular rest. Even the heart slows down during sleep. Daily habit could make one feel that 5 hours of sleep is sufficient, but if that same person goes on a vacation, especially, out of town, and following a tiring day and night, he/she might discover the need for more sleep. The body regenerates following sleep and rest. Those who sleep well have better complexion, look younger, feel more alert, more positive and healthier.

Is frequent sex dangerous?

This is another myth. Unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases in an unprotected sex are just about the only dangers of sex, even frequent sex. So long as the partners are healthy, they can indulge in sex as much as their tolerance will allow. Each person is different, so there is no hard and fast rule, no magic number, as to what is too much. Obviously, those with health problems ought to seek medical advice. With the advances in medicine todate, most everyone, including those with some illnesses, like heart condition and others, can enjoy sex safely.

Is sniffing glue safer than Shabu?

No, all forms of drug addiction, including alcohol abuse, are ultimately equally devastating to life. There is no drug habit that is safe, much less, healthy. Any habit that takes full control over the person's mind and will, and overpowers him, destroys the person, making him a social outcast and a worthless individual. Let us do our share in our home and in our community in helping prevent drug and alcohol addiction.

Is cola drink bad for the heart?

Cola drinks, like coffee, have caffeine, and a stimulant effect on the person imbibing them. Some individuals, especially those older than 40, are sensitive to the stimulant effect of these beverages, to the point that their hearts beat faster and develop irregularity, medically termed premature ventricular contraction (PVC) of varying degree and form. This is why we generally recommend water, fruit juices and caffeine-free beverages as healthier alternatives. Some of these effects on the heart could be serious.

Do we have bacteria on our skin?

Yes, normally we have a lot of different bacteria on our skin. The only reason why they do not cause us disease is because the intact skin is an effective barrier against the penetration and invasion of bacteria into our flesh and body. Once the integrity of the skin is broken, as in abrasions or penetrating wounds, the bacteria on the surface of the skin can gain entry into our muscles and other organs and cause infection. This is why it is a prudent practice to wash all wounds as soon as they are sustained. Thorough washing with soap and water, or even with plain water that is clean, can prevent infection in almost all skin injuries.

Is rubbing alcohol safe to drink?

Most definitely NO. Rubbing alcohol is isoprophyl alcohol and is poisonous when ingested. The alcohol in liquor, beer, wine, etc. is ethyl alcohol or ethanol, which is safe to drink in moderation. Any other liquid solutions that contain isoprophyl alcohol or methyl alcohol (methanol) are poisonous when taken internally.

Why is ruptured appendicitis dangerous?

Normally, the abdominal cavity, like the chest cavity, is stertile (clean and devoid of any bacteria) and super sensitive to even mild bacterial contamination. Only the hallow organs (foodpipe, stomach, intestines, etc) contain bacteria, especially the colon (large intestines), which is full of feces. The appendix is a small-finger-like tubular extension of the colon on the right side of the abdomen. This, too, obviously is full of live bacteria. When the appendix gets inflamed and ruptures, the bacteria and feces spill over to the free abdominal cavity, which rapidly and violently reacts to the contamination. This explains the severe right lower quadrant abdominal of appendicitis and the rebound abdominal tenderness and rigidity of ruptured appendicitis.

Does asthma kill?

Yes, bronchial asthma, the wheezing breathing disease, does kill, by suffocation. Thousands of people around the world have died of severe intractable bronchial asthma, that resulted in severe shortness of breath, and death. Nowadays, several prophylactic (preventive) and therapeutic medications are available in drug stores, broncho-dilators and steroid inhalers that are heaven-sent for patients with bronchial asthma. These patients are advised to have with them in person (in their purse or pocket) these inhalers, which could literally save their life.

Is aspirin safe for those with high blood pressure?

If the hypertension (high blood pressure) is under control with medications and low salt diet, intake of aspirin to thin the blood (to prevent blood clots and heart attack) is safe. However, if the high blood pressure is not under control or not being treated at all, taking aspirin is dangerous. The uncontrolled or untreated high blood pressure could be so excessively high as to rupture an artery in the brain, causing cerebral hemorrhage and stroke, especially if the blood is thin. Do not start aspirin therapy on your own because the potential complication can be devastating. Consult your physician and be guided accordingly.

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