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What makes up the breasts?

Breast tissues in either female or male are practically nothing but adipose (fat) tissues. The size, shape, appearance and physiology, just like the rest of the organ systems in the human body, are predetermined by the genetic make-up of the individual.

Can exercise enlarge women's breasts?

Yes, to an extent. The size and firmness of the pectoral muscles (just underneath the breasts) can be improved by physical exercise, just like other muscles in our body. When these muscles are larger and firmer, they push the breasts outward leading to larger breasts.

What about pills and gels?

Pueraria mirifica herbs have been manufactured as pills and gel or cream and claimed to enhance the breast size to as much as 3 cup size. These drugs, which the distributors prefer to call food supplements, are marketed by StCarlos Medislim, the Bangkok Pill company. There is no genuine scientific evidence in the world that supports these claims. And they are also very expensive, and very worthless.

How about the "Voluptuous You!" capsules?

"Voluptuous You!" is a well-advertised female breast enhancer "formula," promising larger, firmer, sexier breasts in 3 to 6 months. Their ad shows gorgeous-looking, well-endowed women in revealing attires. These models also look like they have naturally huge breasts to begin with. Like with Pueraria mirifica, the claims are bold and ridiculous. The "VY!" program includes a 100% money-back guarantee that in six months the bust size "will be augmented up to 1 to 3 cup sizes". These are not FDA approved, and again, there are no proven clinical studies to show that they work and that they are safe. There are no proofs either that they are without serious side-effects. This is the area that scares a lot of lay people and medical professionals alike.

What drugs are in these capsules?

The composition includes Sable, Damiana, Dong Quai, Blessed Thistle, Kava Kava, Dandelion Root, Oat Bran, Wild Yam and Mothers Wort. Individually and as a combination drug, these substances have not been scientifically documented to have the efficacy and the safety the manufacturers claim they have.

Can these drugs cause cancer of the breasts?

For the sake of the gullible or na´ve or misinformed women who have been lured by these false ads and are now taking these capsules, I hope not. But medical science does not have the vital information one way or the other whether they can cause cancer (of the breasts or other organs) or not. The safe common sense rule is: if in doubt, don't use or take the drug.

What are the other claims?

The other claims say that these medications "regulate" the female hormones, aid in weight loss, aid in digestion, help in PMS, alleviate bronchitis and asthma, and that they are also aphrodisiacs. No medical proof exists todate that will support these allegations.

Are women who are better-endowed more feminine?

Women who have large breasts are no more feminine than those with smaller breasts. Physiologically, some mothers who are less endowed produce more milk for their newborns than other women with larger breasts. Over all, medically speaking, females with smaller bust-size are not any less feminine or less sexy (in the functional and sensual sense) than those with bigger breasts. Studies have shown that men who are better educated or more intellectual are more attracted to the total personality and character of women (especially those who are smart, sincere and down to earth) than the size of their breasts. By expert choice, most fashion models have small breasts, and yet they are very attractive. So, even beauty is not diminished by smaller breasts. Besides, there are many ways to augment, or compensate for, the situation.

Are those with larger busts more confident?

Not necessarily. We have seen patients who are well-endowed and yet very insecure and unhappy about other more important things which they lack. The women who are more secure, confident, and happier, are those who are intelligent and properly-motivated enough to accept what God has given them and try to improve, not only their looks, but their whole person. The brain and the heart are, without any doubt, more important than the breasts. And that's where confidence lies.

What about surgical breast augmentation?

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures is female breast augmentation. Reduction mammoplasty (reducing the size of breasts which are too large) is also common. The procedures are proven and safe. While the silicon implants have been abandoned, the medical fact is that there was really no scientific proof to the allegations that its leakage into the breast tissue had caused cancer of the breast. Today, saline (salt-water, like the intravenous fluids-"swero"---used for the treatment of dehydration) breast implants are being used.

How is the implantation done?

A small semi-circular incision is made in the area around the nipple, through which the saline implant (which feels like a crescent-shaped plastic bag of water) is inserted and manually molded evenly under the breast, to follow its new contour. The incision is closed with absorbable (subcuticular) sutures under the skin, with no visible evidence of any sutures on the skin. Technically, it is a fairly simple procedure.

Who should have breast implants?

This is a very personal matter and individual choices and decisions vary according to different situations and circumstances. Most definitely, those who want it done following mastectomy for cancer of the breasts are good candidates for the procedure. The others are women who are so insecure and unhappy with their small breasts that their mental health is affected. Then, there are those who want to show off, or are in a profession where they need them. And then there are other reasons.

Are there possible complications from mammoplasty?

Any surgical procedure has possible risk and complications. In augmentation mammoplasty, the capsule or pouch that contains the saline might leak. There have been cases where the procedure had to be repeated because of this or because of scarring, or deformity, infection or reaction. In some cases, removal of the implants have been done, period. In some of these cases, the breasts may be a bit deformed, the skin flaccid or loose, worse looking than before the implant. In majority of the cases, the breasts are fuller, larger and firmer following the procedure.

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