The birth of our College stemmed from one man's dream. It was the dream of this man to build a haven where future optometrists will be trained to practice and live the principle of healing, researching and teaching. The man is Dr. Claro Cinco, Sr. our most respected founding dean. His concern with the kind of dedication future optometrists will receive in the College goes far beyond measure. To you, Sir, we give our most heartfelt gratitude. The inauguration day of our Optometry clinic on July 10, 1982 was an important event to us. As our guests we had Dr. Edwin Marshall, Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Rosenbloom and Dr. David Pickwell. During their stay with us they gave lectures on different subject matters related to Optometry. To show our appreciation, the Samahan Ng Optometrist (Cebu Chapter) in cooperation with the CDCO and the SWU students organized a barrio fiesta which was held in Aznar Coliseum. We all enjoyed that night's affair. It was really a night to remember. Another day to remember was when we went to Orbis Project to witness cataract extraction operations inside an airplane. There, various methods of extracting cataract were performed and explained by both local and foreign ophthalmologists. We were very fortunate indeed to have witnessed those operations since there was a strict limit as to the number oe people allowed to get inside the airplane. Our life as students are numbered, we are pretty sure of that. We are now graduating students. And attached to the honor and privilege of being such are the burden of unfinished requirements, clearances, solicitations for our year book, graduation ball, etc. But the excitement is all there, we tell you! And also there is the sadness of parting. Leaving the school will mean leaving friends and bidding farewell to the old happy days in school. As a last farewell, the Juniors honored us last February 25 with a program during which we also handed over the key of responsibility to them and proclaimed our wills. We have done our part -- it is now their turn to continue pursing dreams. Cebu Doctors' College of Optometry was established in 1980 and is one of the two optometry schools in Cebu City and Region VII. The first Optometry dean was Dr. Claro Cinco, Sr. granted the tittle Dean Emeritus who served the college from 1980-1987. He was succeeded by Dr. Rosalinda B. Bono from 1987-1993. Presently the college is under the new leadership of dedicated, dynamic educator and administrator, Dr. Janice Marie S. Diez.


  • To produce a specialist capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of a professional OPTOMETRIST responsive to the changing eye care needs of the society.
  • To produce a specialist capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of a professional OPTOMETRIST responsive to the changing eye care needs of the society.


The college is committed for excellent and effective teaching producing students of high standard performance. The emphasis of learning is qualitative, experiential, and personal. Graduates are well prepared to apply their knowledge and be motivated to seek out higher education. They are educated to become leaders in the profession, well grounded in ethics and God-centered values necessary to serve and achieve fulfillment throughout their lives.


  1. To provide program that will educate Doctors of Optometry to fulfill an expanded role as health care providers in the prevention, diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of ocular and visual disorders.
  2. To provide high quality vision and health care services to the public through the college's optometric clinics and outreach (sites) programs.
  3. To conduct research and other scholarly activities which add to the body of knowledge in basic and health services.
  4. To form stu
  5. To use the "why" approach made of instruction in order to develop critical and analytical thinking.dents with the highest ethical academic qualities through examples from faculty and staff.
  6. To raise the level of competency of the practicing optometrist by encouraging the pursuit of life-long learning through the provision of continuing education.
  7. To operate a fiscally viable college through efficient and effective management to further human resources development.
  8. To develop interpersonal skills for a sensitive and responsive delivery of vision care.