CDCN, a fully accredited college, aims to produce globally adept professional nurses who are the embodiments of the CDC identity (competent, disciplined, compassionate, socially conscious, God-centered) and above all capable of giving wholistic caring care to the well or ill.


The College of Nursing embraces the Cebu Doctors' College Motto: PRIMUM HOMO ESTO: "LET HIM FIRST BE A MAN" and commits itself to uphold the institutional mission of developing man's potentials fully as a person to improve the quality of his life and of his fellow beings, thus achieving God's plan for man; prepares nurses to assume responsibility for health promotion, disease prevention, alleviation of suffering and restoration of health of family members, neighbors, co-workers, patients/clients in any setting, in-any part of the globe, in answer to its belief, "NURSING IS WHERE PEOPLE ARE"


We believe in:
  1. education as a process of desirable change that respects the dignity and worth of the human person which is in harmony with human goals and wholesome Filipino cultural values.
  2. learning as self-directed development and awareness of community and world trends that unfolds the innate potentials
  3. nursing as the satisfaction of basic human needs which is the core of individual, family and community care, in wellness or illness.
  4. research as a potent means to improve care and man's quality of life.


Its primary objective is to educate selected men and women for varied positions in nursing, who can:
  1. integrate concepts of the natural, social and behavioral sciences in meeting the needs of a growing person in the health-illness continuum through critical/analytical thinking, the nursing process and decision-making.
  2. work with clients and other professionals with a deep sense of responsibility and commitment in providing caring care in any setting utilizing the primary health care approach, effective communication and leadership skills.
  3. undertake research and continuing education programs for personal and professional growth.
  4. derive fulfillment in their functions as professionals as they reach out to the community quided by ethico-moral, spiritual and legal principles.


We at CDCN, strive to develop and integrate these values:
  • C - compassion and courtesy (good manners)
  • D - dedication and discipline (sense of responsibility and accountability)
  • C - competence and commitment (to God through man)
  • N - neatness (in person and in work)


  1. A student who wishes to enrol in BSN has to:
    • submit high school card and certificates of
      • good moral character
      • ranking - high school (Top 40%)
    • take the entrance exam
    • go through a personal interview
  2. College students who wish to shift to the nursing course have to through the same process of selection (#1.2, 1.3) and submit:
    • high school rank (top 40%)
    • certificate of good moral character from former Dean and Guidance Counselor
    • grades in college for evaluation


The college gives financial assistance to qualified students through the following programs:
  1. Grant-In-Aid (GIA) - "study now pay later plan"
  2. FCF-CDCN Alumni Association Scholarship Program

It welcomes qualified students enjoying scholarship benefits from government and non-government organizations