Welcome to the Graduate School of Cebu Doctors’ University

Graduate education at CDCU is moving towards global excellence. This effort began when Organization Development as a course was offered in both the graduate and doctoral levels. The grand desire to transform the strategies for development in organizations introduces quality as the keyword for effecting this new Vision.

The University believes that a shift from the bureaucratic and traditional grip be effected towards a healthy, dynamic development pace to attain global excellence.

Welcome and we look forward to be of service to you.

The DODT Perspective

Leticia R. Sagun, PhD, RODP, Dean, Graduate School

Leticia R. Sagun, Dean, Graduate SchoolOD is both a profession, a field of social action and an area of scientific inquiry. The practice of OD covers a wide spectrum of activities with seemingly endless variations upon them. Team building with top corporate management structural change in a community, and job enrichment in a manufacturing firm are all examples of OD. The study of OD addresses a broad change and the factors influencing OD success.


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