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John David R. Seno MD cops 20th place in August 2005 Board Exam

August 31, 2005

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced that 1,471 out of 2,864 passed the Physician Licensure Examination given by the Board of Medicine in the cities of Manila and Cebu this August 2005. The results were released in two (2) working days from the last day of examinations. Among the successful examinees who garnered one of the highest places was our graduate JOHN DAVID REGNER SENO, MD who obtained 20th place with a rating of 82.58%.

The successful examinees from Cebu Doctors' University College of Medicine are:

  1. Cely Ann L. Abancio, MD
  2. Marbe Joy L. Alojepan, MD
  3. Geraldine A. Burgos, MD
  4. Suzette Celeste T. Caniga, MD
  5. Rhea Y. Capaning, MD
  6. Albert L. Chu, MD
  7. Jimmy M. Curato, MD
  8. Genevieve A. Elegino, MD
  9. Mary Myla B. Falcon, MD
  10. Ruel U. Jalea, MD
  11. Amado A. Layno III, MD
  12. Mylene S. Maceren-Tomabang, MD
  13. Michael A. Macion, MD
  14. Florenda L. Mansueto, MD
  15. Ricca Joise D. Marfil, MD
  16. Leonardo P. Roquero, MD
  17. Shirleen V. Salafrania, MD
  18. John David R. Seno, MD
  19. Regina Eugene M. Tan, MD
  20. Jim T. Torrevillas, MD
  21. Rhodzanne D. Valleser, MD
  22. Malinda L. Vasquez, MD
  23. Mielen R. Veloso, MD
  24. Shielah T. Villanueva, MD
  25. Danny F. Yap, Jr., MD
  26. James K. Young, MD
  27. Jennie Y. Yu, MD


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